West of Scotland Heavy Haulage and Sea-Cargo A/S - one of the leading logistics providers on the North- Sea market teamed up to successfully deliver 2 Siemens 7 MW | 125m (tip) Turbines from Siemens facility in Esbjerg, Denmark Via WTS (Wind Towers Scotland) in Campbeltown then onward to Peel Ports KGV Docks in Glasgow, Scotland, then finally onward specialist transport to Millour Hill wind farm located in North Ayrshire approximately 5 kilometers (km) to the North West of Dalry, 6.5 km west of Kilbirnie and 6.5 km North East of West Kilbride directly adjacent to the existing Dalry, Millour Hill and Kelburn Wind Farm developments and will act as an in-fill to these developments.

When commissioned early-mid 2016 Millour Hill Extension Wind Farm will generate enough electricity to power an additional 4,359 homes each year and will displace over 7,900 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per annum, as well as delivering a number of local benefits to the community some of these include annual funding of £5,000 per Megawatt (MW) of installed capacity to the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust which was set up to administer and distribute the funding from the original Millour Hill Community Wind Farm. The funding from the two wind farms will equate to £120,000 per annum and is additional to the community benefit funding provided by Dalry Community Wind Farm which is currently being put to good use with projects like Be Green Dalry, the Educational Ranger and working partnerships working with local schools and colleges and other local community groups and initiatives. Sea-Cargos smallest but spectacular 25-year-old RO-RO vessel SC Astrea loaded 6 x meter blades, 2x Nacelles, 2x Hubs and associated supporting Containers at the Danish port of Esbjerg before sailing to Campbelltown where it picked up West of Scotland’s Team who completed the 2 turbines by loading the 6 tower sections and supporting cargo for the turbines onto the vessel joining up with the project components from Denmark. Next stop the Unknown! KGV Dock in Glasgow where the true challenge was set.

The River Clyde is a tidal river and this meant the crews from West of Scotland and Sea cargo where on a tight schedule as soon as high tide arrived at 0200 dismemberment of the Wind Turbine Components was on one by one the West Of Scotland Heavy Haulage drivers drove the components loaded on a mix of Scheuerle and Broshuis specialist trailers from the vessels cargo hold onto the dockside of the KGV via the loading ramp of SC Astrea, where the Components were temporarily stored over the festive period break ready for delivery to site near Millers Hill Farm in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland commencing first week of January 2016. You really had to be present to fully appreciated the spectacular site and show of skill from everyone involved that said it didn’t take long with the final components off the crews raised and secured the ramp allowing the vessel to put on its own show of its self-docking ability moving from the unloading berth to alongside the dockside ready for Peel Ports Dock Handling team to fire up the Gottwald Cranes at 0800 where the remaining Containers and Blades on the upper deck of the vessel where unloaded. Job Done the vessel set sail on the following high tide for Gdynia, Poland where Sea-Cargo is scheduled undertake the annual checks on the vessel.